LoRaWAN™ Technology IoT Products

Catena 4612

Tiny but mighty, this single-board IoT device for LoRaWAN™ technology projects performs measurements like a rock star … no external components required!

Catena 4450

Communicate far and wide with this powerful open-source device, specifically designed for use with LoRaWAN™ technology and The Things Network. Fully compatible with the Adafruit Feather family.

Catena 4460

Know what you’re breathing! This tiny add-on for the Adafruit Feather family combines temperature, pressure, light and humidity with the Bosch IAQ air-quality index.

Catena 4470

Industrial control? No problem with this Adafruit Feather add-on. Control Modbus and other RS-485 devices; measure temperature, pressure and humidity with the built-in BME-280; and measure light with the build-in RH-1750 lux sensor. Switchable sensor power protects sensors and extends battery life. Integrated SPI flash simplifies firmware download over the air, and gives you plenty of data storage.

RWC5020A LoRa Tester

A compact all-in-one tester, providing a perfect solution for test and measurement of LoRaWAN technology devices, which is fully suitable for R&D, QC, and manufacturers. Made in Korea by RedwooodComm, distributed in the eastern US and India by MCCI’s LoRaWAN experts.

Open source software

Now you can build your network at a fraction of the cost versus traditional networks. Our software is free as a bird and open for everyone to use.


For over twenty years we've been developing and licensing USB system software to be embedded into our customers’ consumer-electronics products.


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