For over twenty five years, we’ve been connecting systems together, and devices to people. USB system software. Open-source LoRaWAN® technology IoT hardware and software. Test equipment. NerveCircuit™ power and resource monitoring systems for commercial buildings. Community remote sensing networks with The Things Network.


Host stacks and drivers, device software, logo testing, test equipment — everything you need for professional USB product development.

IoT & LoRaWAN Technology

Low power consumption. Long coverage range. Incredible cost savings. See why open-source LoRaWAN technology is the best thing to happen to long-range radio networking since the Internet.


Reduce your building’s energy consumption by 20 percent! Thanks to NerveCircuit, it’s now easy and affordable to get a live look at how your building uses power.

“From USB system software to innovative electric power monitoring for more efficient buildings, MCCI uses our technical skills to put customers first.”

-Terry Moore