USB Class Drivers

MCCI offers a comprehensive line of USB class drivers for popular operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Green Hills INTEGRITY OS, FreeRTOS, RTEMS, VxWorks, and QNX. These drivers can also be used with our TrueTask USB embedded USB host stack to support any operating system (even bare metal). Supports USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 and USB 3.2 devices, with speeds from low speed to SuperSpeed Plus.

Function drivers

NCM Drivers

The USB Network Control Model (NCM) class allows the fastest transport of Ethernet data over USB. MCCI led the committee that developed the standard, and our drivers are the fastest and most compatible NCM implementations available.

ECM Drivers

ECM (Ethernet Control Model) is the simplest standard for moving connecting Ethernet adapters to USB hosts. MCCI has been leading the USB CDC committee since 2001; our drivers implement both the letter and the spirit of the specs.

Ethernet Emulation Model (EEM) Drivers

Sometimes Ethernet is used for local connectivity (rather than for connecting to the Internet via a communication device). The CDC EEM specification targets this use case, for physically connecting two systems by USB, but communicating via Ethernet protocols. MCCI’s EEM drivers are compatible and interchangeable with the other networking drivers from MCCI.

Wireless Mobile Communication (WMC) Modem Drivers

Many LTE and NB-IOT modems use AT commands to control the modem via a virtual serial port, and ECM or NCM for data transfer. MCCI’s WMC modem drivers are ideal for use as the virtual serial port driver. They control any device compliant with the worldwide WMC 1.1 specification and also the CDC ACM 1.1/1.2 specifications, along with a few common proprietary variations.

Generic Drivers

MCCI’s generic drivers provide a simple way to write applications that can communicate directly with a device without writing any custom drivers. The API is portable across operating systems, and supports overlapped operations plus bulk, control, interrupt, and isochronous transfers.

Serial Port Emulation Drivers

These drivers let you re-use your existing RS-232 and COM-port aware applications with devices connected via USB, either with USB-to-serial adapters or with integrated USB support.

USB Wi-Fi Drivers

MCCI has high-quality, off-the-shelf drivers and a WPA2 Supplicant port for USB Wi-Fi adapters based on MediaTek’s (Ralink) RT3xxx and RT5xxx chipsets.

USB Audio Class Drivers

Audio class drivers allow a USB host to control any standard-compliant audio device. MCCI has audio class drivers for our TrueTask USB host stack, supporting Audio Device Class (ADC) 1.1 and 2.0. Our developers are way ahead of our website, so use the contact button if you want to find out more.

USB Video Class Drivers

USB Video Class (UVC) host class drivers allow a USB host to control industry-standard webcams. MCCI’s drivers support UVC 1.0, 1.1 and 1.5 devices. The web team is behind the developers on this one, too — ask us for more info.

Frameworks and Infrastructure

USB Host Stack for Windows

The MCCI USB 3 SuperSpeed Host Stack is a complete host stack for Windows 7 and later. It allows full Windows support for USB host controllers not supported by the standard Windows host stack, and can be evaluated using standard XHCI host controllers.

InstallRight Pro™

The MCCI InstallRight Pro installation utility for Windows simplifies the process of creating professional event-driven installations for drivers for USB devices.


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