USB Wi-Fi Drivers

For Ralink RT5572 and related Wi-Fi Chips

MCCI USB drivers for USB Wi-Fi dongles based on MediaTek/Ralink RT5572 and similar chipsets, to make adding Wi-Fi Connectivity to an embedded system as easy as possible. For supported operating systems, our low-level drivers come with a port of the MIT-licensed WPA supplicant, and a simple DHCP server to support walk-up iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC client access.

By using MCCI’s drivers, you can take advantage of inexpensive, pre-certified Wi-Fi adapters, to add Wi-Fi capability to your product without requiring additional regulatory certifications.

Target customers:

  • Proof of Concept Projects
  • Internet of Things (IoT) products
  • Legacy system upgrades to support Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Industrial and transportation
  • Military applications
  • Automotive accessories

High Level Characteristics of the MCCI RT5572 solution:

  • Supported USB Wi-Fi chipsets: RT5572 is our main target; on request, we can support RT3180, RT3370, RT3680 and RT5370.
  • Reference adapter: SparkLAN WUBR-508N series
  • Supported Standards: 802.11g/b standard; 802.11n on request
  • Supported Operating systems: Green Hills INTEGRITY OS v11.4.4 and later
  • Supported SoC: any SOC with MCCI USB 2.0 or 3.0 host support, including STM32, Microchip, Intel, TI, NXP, etc.
  • Supported Security: Open, WPA-2-AES
  • Operation modes: Station, Infrastructure, Ad-Hoc (depends on use case)
  • Included tools: wpa2 supplicant, hostapd (for infrastructure mode), simple DHCP server, iperf2 client/server (for throughput testing)
  • No file system required

Didn’t find support for your platform or OS? Want to get on with evaluating the software?

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