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  • MCCI supports project with USB drivers
    MCCI recently has invested a lot of energy supporting the project. This project has a simple (and possibly silly-sounding) goal: get “real” Windows 10 running on a Raspberry Pi 3. Many people have posted about the technical advances that have made this possible. Here’s a partial list. The Raspberry Pi 3 supports the 64-bit ARM64 architecture. Microsoft ported Windows 10 IoT Core (as a 32-bit operating system) to the Raspberry Pi, but targeted using the system for deploying embedded applications (kiosks, single-function computers). They omitted the features that make Windows 10 desktop a general-purpose system. (MCCI did the USB […]
  • USB-IF Compliance Testing Tips #2 – Pre-Compliance Testing
    One question we are often asked is, “How long will the testing take?” The answer to this question can lead to very different consequences depending on the vendor’s schedule. If the device is expected to go on the market within the next year, then the answer is merely logistical. However, if the device is expected to go to market next week, then testing at this point is a leap of faith, simply because there is no guarantee that the device will pass. Time for debugging must be a factor in test scheduling. No matter how well constructed, well engineered, and […]
  • USB-IF Compliance Testing Tips #1 – Command Verifier (CV)
    The process of obtaining USB-IF certification can be difficult, but not just because of the specification requirements. Often developers uncover problems not related to USB compliance during certification testing. For this reason, it can be helpful to test as early as possible, preferably well before the product is scheduled to be released. Of course, it is not always possible to test early, either because product requirements are in flux, extensive debug is necessary, or even because final hardware is not available. It occurred to us here at MCCI that it might be helpful for us to outline some tests that […]
  • Introducing the Type-C SuperMUTT
    MCCI introduced our Model 3501 Type-C SuperMUTT today, the latest addition to our line of USB development tools! You may be wondering, however, “What’s a SuperMUTT?” Let’s break it down. In the beginning… Back in the early days of USB 2.0, Microsoft needed a tool that would let them verify the operation of high-speed host controllers and of their USB host stack. So they invented a test tool, and named it the “Microsoft USB Test Tool”, or “MUTT“.  This device has a Cypress FX2 controller chip and a lot of test firmware that let it emulate a variety of devices and thoroughly exercise […]
  • TrueTask USB Host Provides Connectivity for Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2
    MCCI Supplies Quality USB Stack as part of Microsoft’s “Internet of Things” Platform ITHACA, NY, July 8, 2015 – MCCI® is providing its TrueTask® USB Host stack as the connectivity engine for Windows 10 IoT (“Internet of Things”) Core operating system, targeting the Raspberry Pi 2 platform. McKinsey Global Institute forecasts a $6.2 trillion annual IoT opportunity by 2025. The Raspberry Pi 2 is a very popular platform in the maker movement, providing remarkable computing power at a very low price. A high-quality USB host stack is a critical enabler for making Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2 a first-class platform for IoT development. […]
  • RealVNC selects MCCI as Automotive Partner
    TOKYO, JAPAN, November 11, 2013 – RealVNC Limited, the original developer and leading provider of VNC® remote access and control software, and MCCI Corporation, the inventor of the industry standard USB NCM protocol for high-speed networking over USB,  today announced that RealVNC has selected MCCI as their preferred supplier of NCM class drivers for use with RealVNC’s VNC® Automotive products. VNC Automotive is a collection of software modules that allow automotive head units and other consumer electronic products to incorporate comprehensive remote access and remote control capabilities for integrating smart phones with in-vehicle information and entertainment systems. “Users are able to access […]