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  • 2022Q1 Newsletter (part 3): IoT Products
    Last year was a very busy year for us in the IoT area, as well as in our USB System Software and Development Tools. High points include: Helium Hotspot RedwoodComm Test Equipment MCCI IoT Devices MCCI IoT Software
  • 2022Q1 Newsletter (Part 2): Development Tools
    This business has really expanded over the last few years. In addition to offering specialized USB test tools, we now have additional tools for Bluetooth and video testing. USB Switches Model 3411 8 Gbps Loopback Device Traduci Bluetooth Test Platform Microsoft Ambient Light Test System Tanager Video Display Path Tester
  • 2022Q1 Update (Part 1): USB System Software
    USB software: the big news is our Type C support, supporting dual-role ports with a TCPC. But there’s a lot more: Type C Support Webcam Reference Design Audio Device Reference Design RTX Integration for Host/Device/Type C STM32CubeMX support Additional SOC support
  • 2022Q1 Update
    2021 is behind us, and 2022 is ahead. Here’s what’s going on at MCCI. Our activities right now are divided into three main categories: USB system software (TrueTask® USB / MCCI USB DataPump®) Development Hardware (mostly for USB) Internet of Things (IoT) Many of the items in these categories merit blog posts of their own. Some of them already have but many do not. To keep the length a little more tolerable, I’ve broken this up into a series of posts, one for each major topic. To make the reading a little more interesting, I’ve added some teasers about our… Read more: 2022Q1 Update
  • Introducing the Heltec HT-M2808 Helium-mining Hotspot
    Want to move LoRaWAN traffic for an IoT project while earning a little cryptocurrency on the side? Or want to jump into the world of Helium HNT Mining, backed by expert support? Want a greener approach to blockchain than burning electricity for proof-of-work? We might have the product you need. Introducing the Heltec HT-M2808 Helium Mining Hotspot, a small (less than 5″ x 5″), professional, all-in-one hotspot with everything you need to get started. After a simple setup with the Helium phone-based app, the hotspot will start moving LoRaWAN traffic and mining Helium Network Tokens (HNT). Designed by LoRaWAN hardware… Read more: Introducing the Heltec HT-M2808 Helium-mining Hotspot
  • Catena 4802 combines Qwicc, Temperature, Humidity with Modbus
    Our new MCCI Catena 4802 builds on our popular MCCI Catena 4801 — a minimal RS-485/Modbus/Mbus device with LoRaWAN support — adding two important features. A Sensirion SHT31-DIS-F temperature/humidity sensor, with PTFE membrane protection. A Sparkfun Qwicc connector, allowing access to a large variety of sensors, LCDs, relays and more, via I2C.
  • Nvidia Tegra Jetson Nano support
    MCCI has added support for the Nvidia Tegra Jetson Nano XUSB device controller to the MCCI USB DataPump®. We support the full feature set of the XUSB IP block, including bulk, interrupt and control transfers, including superspeed, high speed and full speed operation. Combined with MCCI’s UVC 1.5 support, multi-stream support, and multi-function support, this makes an excellent platform for implementing advanced webcams. The DataPump allows zero-copy video streaming data paths, for maximum throughput. High-level APIs separate kernel and user mode functionality cleanly and efficiently.
  • Building energy use comparisons
    As part of our IoT development work, MCCI and NY Passive House have been partnering to reduce the cost of monitoring buildings (both high performance buildings and conventional construction). This low-cost study identified eight-fold differences in energy intensity across a variety of buildings. By choosing buildings at the same altitude and in the same microclimate, we are able to focus on differences in construction. We started monitoring electricity use and temperature a few years ago, using MCCI’s Model 4811 remote power meter with LoRaWAN® technology. This meter allows us to retrofit existing buildings with high-accuracy real-time power monitoring, without requiring… Read more: Building energy use comparisons
  • Open source Python API for RWC LoRaWAN Testers
    MCCI has released a new version of our open-source Python API library for RedwoodComm RWC5020B and RWC5020M testers. The MCCI rwc-python-api library, available on GitHub, gives Python programs full access to all the features of the RWC testers, using either serial port or Ethernet connections. The library supports RedwoodCommm firmware versions v1.150 to v1.305. Contact MCCI via email for more information.
  • Type C Support in TrueTask® USB (part 2)
    More details on MCCI’s embedded USB Type C® support in our TrueTask® USB stack, and how we designed our implementation for robustness and reliability.