Heltec HT-M2808 Helium Mining Hotspot

Introducing the Heltec HT-M2808 Helium-mining Hotspot

Want to move LoRaWAN traffic for an IoT project while earning a little cryptocurrency on the side? Or want to jump into the world of Helium HNT Mining, backed by expert support? Want a greener approach to blockchain than burning electricity for proof-of-work?

We might have the product you need.

Introducing the Heltec HT-M2808 Helium Mining Hotspot, a small (less than 5″ x 5″), professional, all-in-one hotspot with everything you need to get started. After a simple setup with the Helium phone-based app, the hotspot will start moving LoRaWAN traffic and mining Helium Network Tokens (HNT). Designed by LoRaWAN hardware experts at Heltec Automation, it’s backed by MCCI’s team of LoRaWAN system and deployment experts. We can’t guarantee your earnings, but we can guarantee that we’ll help you get the best possible results from your hotspot.

This highly integrated, robust design sips power — about 2 watts, typically. System software automatically manages power to ensure highly efficient operation. In case the hotspot gets warm, an integrated cooling fan will automatically turn on to help get heat out of the box. The system follows careful thermal and mechanical design practices to ensure stable long-term operation.

The hotspot includes four different networking technologies.

  • A multi-channel LoRaWAN radio communicates with other hotspots and with IoT devices
  • An Ethernet interface for the most stable internet connection
  • A Wi-Fi interface for wireless connection to the internet
  • A Bluetooth LE interface to connect with your smartphone for setup and configuration

A great feature about the hotspot (both for the owner and for MCCI, when doing remote support): it has lots of lights for status indications.

  • The power button has an integrated blue light, indicating when power is on, and flashing when Bluetooth configuration is enabled.
  • The System Status light (white) indicates that the system is running.
  • The Wi-Fi Connection Status light (blue) indicates that Wi-Fi is connected.
  • The Blockchain Status light (orange) blinks while synchronizing to the block chain, and is on solid once synchronization is complete.
  • The LoRa receive light (green) indicates that data has been received via the LoRa radio.
  • The LoRa transmit light (red) indicates that data is being transmitted via the LoRa radio.

In addition, the Ethernet connector has the normal status lights (link and speed).

MCCI is really looking forward to helping our customers deploy this network, both to earn HNT and to move traffic for their projects.

For more information, see the product store page, or send us email at sales@mcci.com.

LoRa is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation. LoRaWAN is a registered trademark of the LoRa Alliance. MCCI is a registered trademark of MCCI Corporation. Heltec is a trademark of Heltec Automation.

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