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Engineering development and test hardware and software to speed development of embedded products.

3101 Type-C Connection Exerciser

Picture of 3201

Tests Type-C system with two Type-C products and two legacy devices.

2101 USB Connection Exerciser

Picture of 2101 Connection Exerciser

Automatically connects and disconnects a USB 2.0 or 3.0 host and device under push-button or software control.

3501 Type-C SuperMUTT

Test host support for USB 3.1 gen1, Type-C, Power Delivery, DisplayPort alternate modes.

3102 Type-C Connection Exerciser

Tests Type-C system with two Type-C products and two legacy devices using DTMF audio control.

3201 Enhanced Type-C Connection Exerciser

Plugs and unplugs up to 4 USB-C® devices for automated testing of USB Type-C® products.

HMD Exercisers

A family of Arduino-based exercisers for closed-loop dynamic testing of head-mounted displays (HMDs) with Microsoft Windows 10.

Catena 1820

Gives USB firmware developers everything needed to prototype USB firmware in Microsoft Visual C.

Catena 1850

Enables firmware developers to prototype high-speed USB embedded host, device, dual-role and On-The-Go (OTG) products in Microsoft Visual C.

Catena 2210

Catena 2210 image

Simulates a USB NCM device under the control of a test USB host. Ideal for testing embedded systems that must use NCM to talk to mobile devices.


For over twenty years we've been developing and licensing USB system software to be embedded into our customers’ consumer-electronics products.


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