3501 Type-C SuperMUTT

Test USB 3.1 gen1 support, Type-C, Power Delivery, DisplayPort alternate modes



Developed in partnership with Microsoft, the Model 3501 Type-C SuperMUTT extends the features of the Microsoft SuperMUTT to add support for USB 3.1 gen1, USB-® Power Delivery, and a variety of alternate modes, including DisplayPort.

The Type-C SuperMUTT is normally use with the Microsoft MUTT software package (http://aka.ms/usbtypecmutt). This package contains several test tools and drivers that let hardware test engineers test interoperability of their USB controller or hub with the Microsoft USB driver stack. The test tools validate USB host controller software, hardware (including firmware) and any USB hub that is installed between the host controller and the device.


  • Programmable SuperSpeed device operation with a 5-Gbps SuperSpeed PHY compliant with USB 3.1 Gen 1.
  • Programmable high-speed USB device compliant with USB 2.0 allows testing of high-speed and full-speed communication.
  • Supports control, bulk, bulk streams, interrupt, and isochronous transfers.
  • Additional Type-C Port allows test of Power Delivery communication.
  • Supports 16 IN and 16 OUT endpoints
  • Impedance controlled, low loss USB data path.
  • DisplayPort port allows test of DisplayPort alternate mode.
  • Connects to system under test with captive USB Type-C Cable.
  • Device emulation based on Cypress CYUSB301X EZ-USB® FX3  SuperSpeed USB Controller
  • Integrated Lattice FPGA iCE40 UltraPlus provides support for Type-C cable configuration (CC) and Power Delivery (PD) communication.
  • Integrated Programmable switching power supply can source up to 100W power to the system-under-test of up-to 100W. (The provided power adapter supports 60W.)
  • Bi-directional power allows testing of power supply from system-under-test to external equipment.
  • 10 FX3 GPIO and 10 FPGA GPIO lines are available through dual-inline connector on rear panel
  • Integrated fan with automatic temperature control.

Kit Contents

  • Fully assembled and tested Model 3501 Type-C SuperMUTT board with enclosure.
  • 19V, 3.2A international power supply adapter (60W) with IEC 60320 C14 (three-pin) receptacle.
  • NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320-C13 Power cord (ITA Type B: North America/Japan/Taiwan style). Length: one meter.
  • DisplayPort and detachable Type-C cables shown in photos are for illustration only, and are not included in the kit.


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