MCCI USB DataPump®

Superior embedded software for USB devices

Technical Overview

Learn all the ins and outs of this complete, portable embedded software package.

The MCCI USB DataPump is a complete, portable embedded software package, providing a total solution for engineers designing high-performance, multi-function USB peripheral devices.

Considered the “gold standard” for trouble-free applications of USB across product lines and throughout corporations, since 1997 the DataPump has been deployed in billions of devices, from neural network accelerators to cell phones and
the latest IoT LTE modems … proof positive of the quality and flexibility that’s been designed into the product.

Total Solutions, Total Performance

  • Versatile: Use as a stand-alone stack or to augment, supplement, upgrade or replace existing USB stacks. Supports all USB technologies from original USB 1.1 to the latest USB 4.0. Supports every major IP vendor and
  • Stable APIs: Because APIs and data structures are stable from version to version, software built on the DataPump can be coded once, then reused as needed, across different IP blocks, different USB technologies, or
    different CPU architectures.
  • Modular Architecture: Scales from the simplest operating environments to the most complex. The DataPump can be readily deployed without source modification across a wide range of CPU architectures, USB host and device
    controllers, and operating systems.

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