HMD Exercisers

Tests one or two head-mounted displays with turntable control and video presence sensing

Take a closer look at the kit that gives you best-in-class testing and automation.

All the benefits you want! Arduino-based exercisers for closed-loop dynamic testing of head-mounted displays (HMDs) with Microsoft Windows 10 give you: HDMI and USB plug/unplug testing, HMD display and audio monitoring, user presence spoofing, an extensible platform and so much more.


  • Everything you need to start testing immediately. Shipped as a fully assembled and tested unit, with Arduino board, a USB control/power cable, and preinstalled firmware.
  • Automated USB interoperability testing when used with Microsoft-supplied test package.
  • Multiplexes USB 3.1 gen 1 and USB 2.0 signals over Standard A and B connectors. Multiplexes two HDMI 2.4 outputs over standard HDMI connectors.
  • Transparent connection between host PC and HMD when in the connected state.
  • Impedance controlled, low loss USB and HDMI data paths.

Software requirements

Suitable software must be installed on each of the SUT, the test controller proxy, and the HMD Exercisers’s Arduino.

The Microsoft software package includes utilities to update the firmware of the HMD Exerciser, switch among the downstream ports, and send requests to simulate test cases. It also contains test driver packages that test the functionality of the buses, its controller, and devices connected to the bus.

MCCI also supports other test scenarios using a USB test control computer, with software available from MCCI, or with customer-written software. Customers can obtain that software directly from MCCI after registering with our support site.

Custom Variants

Special variants of the HMD Exerciser are available by request. Please write with your requirements.

The firmware is open source and published on GitHub. Access it here.