MCCI Cricket UI

Interactively control our Model 3141 USB4™ Switch, Model 3201 Enhanced Type-C Connection Exerciser, Model 2101 USB Connection Exerciser, and more

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Cricket UI
The MCCI Cricket UI is a convenient, cross-platform, open-source GUI for interactively controlling MCCI’s USB Switches and Connection Exercisers.

Supported Models:

UI Features

  • Loop Mode: Control the mode of operation (manual, auto, or loop).
  • Manage Model: List attached USB switches/connection exercisers, and select switch to be controlled.
  • USB Device Tree View Changes: Display USB device or devices attached to selected switch port.
  • Log Window: Display activity log with timestamps.
  • Status: Display status of switch, host controller, port details, etc.
  • Remote control: Cricket UI can control USB switches attached to test computers in your lab, and gather enumeration results from a remote USB host under test. Additional features allow integration of data from remote embedded hosts or devices.

Modes of Operation:

  • Manual mode: connect/disconnect in response to operator pressing the connect/disconnect button on screen.
  • Auto mode: continuously connect/disconnect until stopped.
  • Loop mode: connected/disconnect for a selected number of times, or until manually stopped.

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