Model 3411 USB 3.2 Gen2 Test Device

Compact Type-C USB test device with remote control port


Model 3411 USB 3.2 Gen2 Test Device

The MCCI® Model 3411 “Merganser” USB Loopback Device is a complete single-board USB 3.2 gen2 (10 Gbps) USB-C® device capable of sustained bidirectional throughput of 8 Gbps, close to the theoretical maximum speed of the bus. The Model 3411 can be used for system data throughput performance testing, manufacturing testing, benchmark testing, and USB host stack and class driver regression testing. It can also be used to test USB 3.2 hub throughput, and to test the performance of USB 3.2 transport over Thunderbolt or USB4® fabrics.

Based on the Movidius MA2085, and driven by the MCCI TrueTask® USB device stack, the Model 3411 allows exercising USB 3.2 gen2 hosts and hubs at their full rated speed, and in all USB 3.2 gen 2 modes: bulk, 96k isochronous and high-bandwidth interrupt pipes. In addition, the 3411 operates at gen1 (5 Gbps signaling), high speed (480 Mbps), and full speed (12 Mbps).

The Model 3411 has two USB ports: the USB-C port used for data testing, and a micro-B port for control. The USB-C port supports one lane of USB 3.2 gen2. When connected without a control-port connection, the Model 3411 presents a loopback device to the host and is powered from the host. Optionally, the Model 3411 may be powered and controlled via the micro-B port, presenting a virtual COM port and a JTAG port to the control computer via high-speed USB. The Model 3411 will preferentially take power from the micro-B port, allowing the Model 3411 to operate without depending on the host power supply from the system under test.

The 3411 also incorporates sensors and diagnostic features to make it more useful in test and diagnostic applications.

Rugged, lightweight and small, the Model 3411 comes in a tough polycarbonate plastic case.


  • Type-C data port supports over 8.0 Gbps IN and OUT concurrently, when tested with a suitable host controller and USB host stack.
  • Full speed, high speed, gen1 and gen 2 operation.
  • Control, bulk, interrupt and isochronous transfers. Bulk streams are supported.
  • SuperSpeed isochronous supports 96k high bandwidth operating at gen2, 48k high bandwidth at gen1.
  • Integrated 96×64 OLED display gives real-time feedback of enumeration speed and status.
  • Micro-B port provides remote control and power (via integrated USB UART).
  • Power from micro-B port takes precedence over power from Type C port.
  • Field-upgradable firmware.
  • 1 gigabyte of onboard RAM.
  • 16 megabyte onboard flash.
  • Attractive, rugged plastic enclosure.

The standard firmware version supports loopback from OUT pipe to IN pipe. It also includes a mode compatible with the USB-IF XHCI test procedure. Compliance mode is selected via a command on the control COM port.

Custom firmware variants for programmable device emulation are available from MCCI. Contact us via email for more information.