USB Serial Port Migration Products

A family of USB drivers and firmware to migrate existing application based on serial ports to USB. Quick and cost-effective!

Nobody has more experience delivering and supporting USB-serial drivers than MCCI. Since 1997, our serial emulation software has been used by industry leaders to get the best quality emulation and highest throughput.

MCCI’s drivers support the following protocols.

  • CDC ACM, OBEX, Device Management, WMC, and vendor-specific variants;
  • USB UARTs from Prolific, Silicon Labs, K-Micro, MELCO, and others;
  • Fully custom protocols to support special applications — we’ve even done serial over isochronous pipes.

Our drivers offer a very high degree of compatibility with the wide variety of user system configurations, application software, and in system timing caused by hardware variation and workload.

MCCI host drivers support all versions of Windows, and all supported CPU architectures: x86, x64, ARM32 and ARM64. We also support macOS, Linux, Green Hills INTEGRITY OS, FreeRTOS, RTEMS, eCos, and many other embedded operating systems. Of course, we also have host class drivers for our TrueTask® USB host stack, which works with any operating system (or even runs on bare iron).

In addition, MCCI’s PortLynq drivers can be combined with our serial drivers and other function drivers to isolate your applications from hot plug events, allowing your testers to focus on functionality rather than asynchronous exceptions with system-specific timing.

Why choose MCCI?

USB is generally not core technology for OS vendors, but it is for MCCI. Unlike generic drivers provided by OS vendors, MCCI drivers are built and supported by USB specialists with years of experience, and are backed by MCCI’s commitment to our customers’ success. We know CDC ACM and WMC better than anybody: MCCI has chaired the USB-IF CDC committee since 2001. Using our drivers reduces your risk, not only because of MCCI’s long experience, but because of deep skills in system engineering, trouble shooting, and problem solving. Whether you’re planning a new product, or wrestling with problems with an existing product, we can help.

Interested in more info?

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