InstallRight™ Pro

Goodbye, installation frustrations! InstallRight Pro automatically ensures a proper driver installation for a more user-friendly experience.

InstallRight Pro prepares Windows to automatically set up a new device. Even with the Windows Plug-and-Play infrastructure, loading appropriate drivers for a device can be confusing for novice users. Worse yet, users are sometimes presented with options that result in an unusable driver installation. Recovery from an incorrect installation is often quite complex and frustrating.

Using InstallRight Pro

MCCI InstallRight Pro makes installation of device drivers more predictable, user-friendly, and controllable.

InstallRight Pro automatically insures a proper driver installation. MCCI InstallRight Pro is called by the Windows Device Manager when a new Plug-and-Play device is detected.

After the installation, InstallRight Pro communicates with the operating system to insure that devices are correctly installed.

The InstallRight Pro uninstaller makes recovery from a failed or incorrect driver installation simple. It uses the relevant INF files to identify all driver files that need to be removed and after removing those files, it also removes the associated registry entries. Finally, it schedules deletion of itself on the next reboot.

InstallRight Pro has two components:

  • A customer branded setup.exe, which can be used either to install driver components at device plug-in or to pre-install driver components before the device is attached.
  • A branded uninstall.exe, which can be invoked using Add/Remove programs.

If InstallRight Pro encounters any problems, it displays a detailed message. Users of older operating systems will no longer wonder why a device that requires a newer operating system doesn’t install.

InstallRight Pro functionality can be integrated into the installation procedure for another program, such as an application for a device, so that the drivers and the application can be installed or uninstalled together. It can also function as a standalone software installer or it can easily be bundled with other drivers for downloading. Optionally, it can be supplied on a distribution CD-ROM.

InstallRight Pro handles the Plug-and-Play system differences between various Windows versions, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Load Device Drivers at Product Attach

You can install USB host drivers directly from your product, saving the cost of shipping the drivers on an installation CD-ROM. InstallRight Pro facilitates straight-forward installation and pre-installation scenarios, but it can also accommodate an extraordinary amount of behind-the-scenes customization. Your product can initially present itself as a USB composite device with a single Mass Storage Class (MSC) interface. InstallRight Pro can use this interface to load a configuration customized for the features your product brings to market. After driver installation, the device subsequently presents itself with its full functionality. Here’s what happens after the user connects the device via USB cable to the Windows system:

Class descriptors from the phone force the MSC device driver to load. At that point, InstallRight Pro is called by the Windows autorun.inf file. InstallRight Pro pre-installs the MCCI bus drivers and function drivers, updates the current instance of the MSC driver, and changes the registry. Then it encapsulates and sends a custom SCSI command via BOT. After that InstallRight Pro exits.

At this point, the device initiates a soft-disconnect by disabling the D+ pull-ups, which unloads the driver. Immediately afterwards, the device initiates a soft-connect and is re-enumerated. At enumeration it is automatically recognized as a composite device and the pre-installed custom drivers are loaded. Full device functionality is now available to the user.