Model 4821

Indoor Environment Sensor


Pricing starts at $99/unit.

Remotely sense temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and ambient light, and transmit data using LoRaWAN® technology networks like The Things Network. Small, attractive package 1.25″ x 2″ x 3″ includes hidden holes for wall mounting.

Three variants are available:

  1. The Model 4821, based on the MCCI Catena 4612 (temperature, humidity, pressure, light),
  2. The Model 4822, based on the MCCI Catena 4618, (more accurate temperature, humidity; no pressure; same light sensor); and
  3. The Model 4823, based on the MCCI Catena 4618 M201, with the high-accuracy SHT-35 temperature/humidity sensor (no pressure, same light sensor). Designed for indoor use. Up to 2 year battery life.

Volume discounts and custom variants are available. Contact MCCI via email ( for assistance.