Model 4815

USB Type-C® to RS-485 Converter board with DIN rail mount

How to Buy

Pricing starts at $35/unit.

The MCCI® Model 4815 is a USB Type-C® to RS-485/Modbus adapter designed for industrial applications. It combines an industry-standard FTDIchip FT232RL USB UART adapter with a Texas Instruments SP3485 RS-485 transceiver.

The Model 4815 comes assembled with clips, and mounts directly on 35 mm IEC/EN60715 DIN rails. The clips also accommodate miniature top-hat rails (15 mm x 5.5 mm) and some G-style rails.

The Model 4815 enumerates as a virtual COM port on Windows 10, macOS, and many Linux and Android systems, using the built-in drivers of those operating systems; no driver install is required. The FT232RL automatically controls the transmission mode of the RS-485 transceiver without software intervention.

The Model 4815 converter board includes the USB UART, RS-485 conversion chip, TX/RX/RTS LEDs, USB Type-C Connector, ESD protection for USB data line, an over-current protection fuse, a robust screw-terminal connector for the RS-485 signals, and breakout for power and data signal lines.

Specification and Features

  • USB Type-C connector
  • Full-speed USB 2.0
  • RS-485 connection via 3-position 5mm pitch (0.197”) terminal-block header and plug with L-slotted screw terminals
  • Baud rates from 110 to 921,600
  • DIN rail mount; clips may be removed for panel mount
  • Standard 2M module width (35 mm)
  • Bus powered, operates from the USB supply; needs no external power supply
  • RX, TX, and RTS LED indicators; RTS lights to indicate successful enumeration
  • 3.3V power and RX/TX lines broken out to a 0.1” pitch (2.54mm) header

The full datasheet is available here.

Pricing and Availability

The Model 4815 is available on the MCCI Store; the base price is $35.

Volume discounts and custom variants are available. Contact MCCI via email ( for more information.