USB 3.0 Products

MCCI’s USB 3.0 product line includes host stacks, device stacks, class drivers and tools.

TrueTask USB Embedded Host Support

TrueTask USB is MCCI’s USB host stack for embedded systems. It’s the core of MCCI’s USB 3.0 Host Stack for Windows, repackaged for use with Linux, Android, and embedded systems. Because of its history of test and deployment with Windows, it’s the best tested and most compatible embedded stack available today. More information is available here.

MCCI USB DataPump for USB 3.0 Devices

The MCCI USB DataPump is a complete embedded USB 3.0 device stack for high volume embedded applications. It is portable across CPUs, little/big-endian, HW platforms, OS, compilers, and development platforms. For more information, see the DataPump introduction page and the DataPump technical overview. The DataPump optionally includes full USB On-The-Go (OTG) and dual-role device support, described here.

MCCI ExpressDisk UASP and BOT Windows Class Drivers

USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP) is an enhanced replacement for Mass Storage Class (MSC) Bulk Only Transfer (BOT) protocol. UASP has been standardized by the USB-IF and SCSI T-10 committees. By taking advantage of USB 3.0 streams, UASP provides throughput improvements of up to 20% of the channel capacity vs. MSC/BOT. MCCI’s ExpressDisk UASP drivers offer full support for the UASP protocol, and deliver the best performance available.

For devices that require maximum data transfer rates, while maintaining full backwards compatibility, MCCI offers ExpressDisk BOT drivers. Unlike “turbo mode” filter drivers which may adversely affect data reliability, these drivers replace the Microsoft USBSTOR.SYS driver, and plug directly into the SCSI stack of Windows. For many workloads, ExpressDisk BOT can provide performance similar to UASP with simpler device hardware.

More information is available here.

Advanced Development and Validation Tools

MCCI offers advanced development and validation tools for USB Device, Host/OTG, and UASP, specifically for USB 3.0:

XHCI (PC) and Embedded Host / OTG Host Verification Tools

  • MCCI Catena devices (LS, FS and HS) for USB application simulation and verification
  • HCDVT (HCD verification tool)
  • USBDVT (USBD verification tool)

UASP Device Verification Tool

  • MSCDVT (Mass Storage Class Device Verification Tool) for single step verification of UASP and BOT commands

MCCI USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser

  • Automated testing of device insertion / removal, supports low speed through SuperSpeed. More…
  • View dev tools (Model 2101, Model 3101, Model 3102, Model 3201, Model 3501)

MCCI USB 3.0 Stream API Specification

USB 3.0 introduces new features that are not part of the Microsoft standard USBD for USB 2.0. Prior to Windows 8, each host stack vendor therefore had to implement these features independently; the implementation varied from vendor to vendor. MCCI has designed a host-stack independent, abstract USB 3.0 API that allows class drivers to work with any host stack. It is available under an open license here: MCCI Universal Serial Bus Windows Kernel Bus Interface for USB 3.0 Streams Device Drivers (Revision 1.0rc1, March 22, 2010).


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