Windows Hardware Certification Testing

Save yourself time and hassle. Let our system engineering specialists do your HCT testing for you. Our team can test and troubleshoot problems, fast.

Windows Hardware Certification (formerly known as WHQL testing, or the Windows Logo Program) is a test process developed by Microsoft for testing systems, hardware products, and their associated Windows drivers for compatibility with Windows. The test process consists of running a number of automated tests (using the Windows Hardware Certification Kit, or HCK), reviewing the results, and then submitting the results to Microsoft. After passing the tests, Microsoft signsthe associated drivers. Because they’re signed, the drivers can be installed without confirmation from the user.

Why Certify Your Hardware?

  • Exhaustive, automated stress testing on a variety of system platforms and operating system variants improves driver test coverage.
  • Passing drivers can be automatically put on the Windows Update site, and will automatically be downloaded to the end-user as required.
  • Passing devices are added to the Microsoft Compatibility Center.
  • Signing drivers prevents tampering, and reduces the number of messages during user installation.
  • The process helps Microsoft and test centers support the device.
  • Experience shows that testing reduces/eliminates the number of support calls from end-users to your company.

More information on Windows Hardware Certification is available from Microsoft.

Windows Hardware Certification and USB

Microsoft requires that any device submitted for Hardware Certification must first pass USB interoperability and Command Verifier (CV) tests. This can present additional costs and production delays for your company when trying to put such a test infrastructure in-house.

Why use MCCI?

MCCI has done hundreds of HCT (and earlier DCT and DTM) tests, both for our driver products and for our customers. Our test lab is backed by the full engineering resources of MCCI, and further enhanced by MCCI’s direct relationship with Microsoft. The HCT tests can be time consuming to set up, difficult to understand, and the results can be hard to interpret at first. MCCI’s continuing, ongoing experience lets us find and fix test problems quickly. If we find a device or driver problem, our engineering experience helps us point your engineers to the exact area that needs work.

Not all test failures are device problems. As with any complex automated test system, there are limitations to the tools. Our engineers understand the limitations, and know how to distinguish between faulty devices and faulty test tools.

If a test problem is discovered, we can work directly with Microsoft to resolve the issue on your behalf.

Although our testing is not limited to USB, our USB experience gives us an additional advantage for testing our customers’ products. Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft requires that any device submitted for Hardware Certification must also pass the USB interoperability and Command Verifier (USBCV) tests that are a subset of the full USB logo test. MCCI’s USB test experience allows us to do this testing quickly and efficiently.

When testing your device, MCCI will:

  • perform the USB interoperability tests now required by Microsoft in order to qualify your device for Hardware Certification testing;
  • run the required tests for your device on your desired operating systems;
  • give feedback to your engineers about problems found;
  • apply published errata as needed to ensure that your submission will pass;
  • optionally, at your request, work with Microsoft support directly to resolve any issues that arise;
  • submit the test results to Microsoft, or return the test results to you for you to submit.

Because of the pandemic, our capacity for testing in our labs is temporarily very constrained. However, we still may be able to help. For more information, or for a quote, please contact:
Ms. Judy Cone
Phone: +1-607-277-1029, Ext. 105